Not all targets are created equal. 

While current statistics, such as red-zone targets, can offer a base to analyze the worth of a target, a very important part has always been left out - who is throwing the ball.

A derivative of True Throw Value, True Target Value analyzes a player’s quantity and quality of targets and, in correspondence with their QB’s True Throw Value, computes a number meant to show how valuable these player’s targets actually are.

Are David Johnson’s 4.8 targets per game from Josh Rosen more or less valuable than Kenyan Drake’s 4.5 targets per game from Ryan Tannehill? The answer lies below.

The Expected Fantasy Points per Game range does all the work for you, translating each players TTV into fantasy points in a range from Standard - PPR. (Rushing statistics not included - this is solely based on receiving)

TTV broken down into Season Long, Home / Road Splits, and Last Four Weeks. All can be found below.

RB True target value - full season

RB True Target Value - Home / Road Splits

RB True Target Value - last four weeks